NYC Production & Post News is one of a kind. This is the only site that provides a regular home on the web for the New York region’s motion content creation professionals. They turn to since this site contains breaking news, reviews, relevant notices and in-depth articles for and about the vibrant NYC creative content market.

NYCPPNEWS’ articles are unique in their focus and compelling…why? To start, we don’t republish lightly worked over press releases. Or press releases, period.

You can find that ‘writing’ all over the Internet.

Do we have engaged readers? Yes! This is absolutely crucial if you’re hoping to reach the folks who watch and read our site on a regular basis. They direct and shoot commercials or movies, and work in the many skilled positions found in production and post.

NYC Production & Post News continues to grow fast, along with this regions fast growing studios, stages, union positions and post facilities. There’s a reason. People turn to us on a regular basic because – yes, we’ll say it again – we are the only website with news and other content specific to the New York production and post markets.

Advertise with us. We know our market. The site’s editor and writers are journalists and working creatives with decades of experience covering the technology, businesses and individuals involved in the content creation industry.


The audience for NYC Production & Post News consists of creative and upper management professionals involved in film, video, and digital media production in New York City and the surrounding region. This includes film and video production and postproduction professionals (directors, cinematographers, editors, visual effects artists, colorists, film crews); executive producers, creative directors; motion media creators for the web and smartphones; film commissioners and those from other relevant public agencies.

We also count among our regular readers those throughout the nation and abroad who turn to the site in order to check in on the City’s facilities, postproduction boutiques, and individuals of note involved in the content creation industries.


NYC Production & Post News seeks to become the premiere website for professionals in motion media, whether creatives or management. The site regularly adds new sections and features, with future expansions planned to increase the use of video and social media, along with technology-focused editorial, and an expanded review section.


Dan Ochiva, founder and president of NYC Production & Post News, is a New York City-based journalist who writes and consults widely. After spending two decades as a senior editor at millimeter magazine, he started NYC Production & Post News since he saw a lack of a trusted news resource for media creatives in the New York City region. Dan also writes regularly for the Editors Guild website, an official publication of ACE (American Cinema Editors guild).

Joe Herman has worked in a number of key positions in production and post including production companies, cable networks and advertising agencies. He has also served on the faculty of The School of Visual Arts for over ten years, where he taught computer animation, compositing and design. His work has appeared in television programs, commercials and feature films. Joe graduated from The School of Visual Arts, where he studied computer graphics, film and video. Joe writes a regular technology column for the Editors Guild magazine as well as advising various technology companies.


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