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Since its launch in 2009, NYC Production & Post News has answered a real need: to provide a regular home on the web for the New York City region’s content creation communities. Where else can they turn for breaking news, reviews, and in-depth articles on the most interesting creators, productions, and crucial technologies?

At NYC Production & Post News we can offer the insight and experience to back those claims up. I’ve covered this industry for over 25 years as a reporter and editor. I’m able to offer you, the reader, journalism that goes behind the flashy announcements, boring pronouncements and otherwise empty news.

I’ll give you news within the total, dynamic context of the only website that regularly makes the New York film an video production community the locus of its world.

Don’t stop at just reading. Get in touch. I really do want to hear what you have to say. If you’re involved in creating film, video, or digital media, or if you’re a student at one of the many schools offering media training in the City, let me know what you like, what’s not worth the time, and what you want to read more about. Reach me at dan [at] nycppnews [dot] com, or try my office and leave a message: 347-379-1900.

–Dan Ochiva

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Dan Ochiva, NYCPP News founder and president,
is a New York City-based journalist who writes and
consults widely after two decades as a senior editor
at millimeter magazine.












Joe Herman is a filmmaker, animator,
post-production professional and journalist.
He has worked at production companies,
cable networks, ad agencies and has taught
at the School of Visual Arts. He currently
operates his own studio, Legend Multimedia.







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