When I launched NYC Production & Post News in 2009, I saw the need for a site on the web that directly addressed the New York City region’s changing mix of content creation communities. The television, feature film and Internet markets were growing fast, fueled by factors including an attractive tax incentive, crews that worked at a level with the best of Hollywood, and a talented pool of actors always ready for a new challenge.

But where could they turn for region-specific breaking news, reviews, and in-depth articles on the most interesting creators, productions, and crucial technologies? Nothing existed for them until we started NYCPPNEWS.

At NYC Production & Post News we can offer the insight and experience to deliver news and opinion with a balance that steers clear of hype and generalities. I’ve covered this industry for over 30 years as a reporter and editor. I’m able to offer you, the reader, journalism that goes beyond regurgitating the latest press releases.

So if you think we really do deliver news that offers a clear-headed take on New York’s film, video and digital media production communities, get in touch. I really do want to hear what you have to say. If you’re involved in creating film, video, or digital media, or perhaps a student engaged in learning digital media, let me hear from you. What do we do that you like, or what’s not worth the time? I really do answer everyone who takes the time to email me at dan [at] nycppnews [dot] com, or leaves me a voice message at 347-379-1900.

–Dan Ochiva



Dan Ochiva, NYCPP News founder and president, is a New York City-based journalist who began this site after two decades as a senior editor at millimeter magazine. Email Dan at dan [at] nycppnews [dot] com





Senior Reviews Editor Joe Herman is a filmmaker, animator, post-production professional and journalist.
He has worked at production companies, cable networks, ad agencies and has taught at the School of Visual Arts. He currently
operates his own studio, Legend Multimedia. Email Joe at joe [at] nycppnews [dot] com




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